Leather Jewellery | Braided Leather | Leather Necklace | Leather Bracelets

LederX designs and exports of woven leather jewellery and its own range of LederX Braided Leather Jewellery. We specialize in supplying a selected range of braided, handwoven leather goods, leather fringes, bespoke accessories and unique LederX Messenger Bags.

Leather Bespoke Jewellery, Bracelets & Necklaces

LederX manufactures and exports a premium range of Leather Jewellery. We use a range of leather tags, embossed patches, trims, laces, strings, straps, cords, & straps which are unique in design & craftsmanship. Our braided leather jewellery products combine traditional and contemporary modern designs. Our LederX jewellery range includes :

  • Leather Jewellery for Men
  • Leather Jewellery for Women
  • Braided Leather & Fringed Leather
  • Woven Leather Jewellery, Necklace, Armlets, Bracelets, Ear Rings
  • Leather Bangles, Charm Bracelets & Wrist Bands
  • Beaded Leather Jewellery & Gifts
  • Rainbow Pride Leather Jewellery, Merchandise & Gifts
  • Special Event, Anniversary, Wedding Leather Jewellery, KeepSakes, Symbols

Sourcing Real Leather Jewellery

We design, manufacture and export, a unique range of bespoke Woven Leather Jewellery and accessories which are the ultimate in handcrafted luxury. We aim to be your Indian manufacturer and partner for building a unique range of eye catching, innovative leather jewellery for a stunning fashion statement.

Real Leather Jewellery

LederX India is a specialist manufacturer of Quality Leather Accessories, Braided Leather Jewellery & Braided Leather Fashion Statements. Genuine leather is a unique natural material. LederX leather weaving expertise makes our products unique and distinctive. We design and manufacture all kinds of Braided Leather Jewellery items, Accessories for fashion, branding and other specialist needs. Contact us at LederX for your custom products, designs and specifications.

Leather Jewellery Boxes

LederX India is a specialist manufacturer of Leather Jewellery Boxes. We offer diverse designs & very competitive prices on our Leather Boxes. Our quality leather Jewellery Boxes are idea for gifting & fashion storage.

Woven Leather Jewellery

LederX possess Leather Braiding experience. The simple but inticate beauty of woven leather meshes can be used for adding unique touches to up-market garments, special handmade gifts, leather jewellery, woven leather jewellery and leather goods.

Woven Leather Expertise

LederX craftsmen possess unique woven leather expertise for up market leather accessories, leather embroidery and leather jewellery. Contact us with your latest designs for evaluation of your New Season designs, Product Portfolios and launches.

Bespoke Leather Products Design Services

LederX India offer a range of services for design, sampling, development of new range of seasonal, contemporary and functional woven leather accessories for own brand designers & retailers.

Leather Product Concepts

We offer a full fledged new product concept service from design and conceptualization to sampling and contract manufacture, to luxury leather brands.